Italian income tax return non-resident

Italian income tax return non-resident

The service provides for the drawing up of the Italian income tax return (730 and/or “Modello Redditi PF”) for expatriate employees, the filing of the relevant payment forms and their e-transmission to the relevant tax authorities. To gather information, a questionnaire in Italian (or in English) will be sent to the expatriate employees.

Should the employee have his/her tax residence in Italy, the service may include the tax credit calculations for taxes paid abroad, prior delivery and assessment of the useful documents proving the foreign tax payments have been made.*

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* EKS reserves the right to quote an increased amount to be agreed in advance with the client in the case of especially complex tax returns. If the analysis of the questionnaire does not involve an obligation to present a tax return, a fee of € 300.00 will be billed (if there has been no tax orientation briefing with the worker).

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